The difference between sparkling Seltzer water and mineral water

Sparkling Seltzer water

Sparkling seltzer water is water to which carbon dioxide has been added. The result is an effervescent liquid that tickles our nostrils and our tongue. Sparkling water is the same as carbonated water, soda water and seltzer. Sparkling water is sometimes confused with mineral water, which is water that contains dissolved minerals such as salts, sulfur and other compounds. Mineral water may also occur in natural springs.

Sparkling water forms the base for sodas since they too use carbon dioxide to produce the fizz. When pressurized carbon dioxide is forced into bottles, it escapes as soon as the bottle is uncovered. Shaking a bottle of soda or sparkling water will cause the pressure to build. When the bottle is opened, the carbon dioxide shoots out of the bottle with a spraying sound.

Carbonated water or soda water was once used to heal certain disorders like upset stomach and indigestion. Today it is used more for refreshment when mixed with other beverages. Even though water has several benefits for all living things, some people do not like the taste of plain water. Those people may prefer carbonated or sparkling water with a slice of lemon in it.

Now it is easy to make your own sparkling water at home with the help of a soda maker. By making your own sparkling water you have the advantage of knowing exactly what goes into your drink. There is no sodium as is found in store-bought sodas, and no calories, making it ideal for the weight-conscious or those trying to lose weight. Best of all you can add the fruit flavors of your choice to produce a healthier beverage. In the summer, the whole family can enjoy making these drinks together and drinking a beverage that is healthy.

Sparkling water

Sodamakers come in many varieties, from the most basic seltzer bottle and chargers to the more sophisticated dispenser. Just surf the web and you are sure to find many ads for these products. You can shop for them online, or buy from the store. The seltzer bottle also called a soda siphon contains pressurized CO2 and comes in either the snap-on or screw-on type. When the charger is fitted on to the siphon and the plunger is pressed, you have sparkling water.

The other type is an appliance about the size of a coffee maker. It requires no batteries, electricity or plumbing so it can be taken with you on trips and is easy to use in the kitchen. A CO2 carbonator is housed inside the machine. A reusable 1-liter carbonating bottle is filled with water and attached to the machine which dispenses sparkling water at a touch of the button. This type may save you money in the long run as it allows you to reuse the bottles. You can make the drinks as fizzy as you like. To enhance your experience you may want to add fruit flavors purchased online.